Great Aunt Esther (Vanderhoof) Perrault

Little is known about my great aunt Esther.

I do know her and her husband Zotique Perrault owned a dry farm on what is now Perrault Road off of Washington State highway 221.

Esther Perrault sold the farm in the late 50's and on another ranch west of Prosser, Washington started raising race horses.

In 1962 she entered her Vey's Hired Girl, a two year old filly, trained by Leon B. Defoe in races at the new Yakima Meadows track.

In 1967 she sold a stallion, Leo Hawk, for $850.00 to Gary Barney.

Esther went to Prosser in 1919 to live with her sister, Artie Bean.

Esther had a boy out of wedlock. Artie & Edward Bean named the boy Joe and raised him as there own.

The boy didn't know it until he was an adult, and then was pretty angry.

Esther Vanderhoof Joe Bean

Esther appeared in the Prosser, WA. States Day Parades in the early 1960's. One little girl that saw her then thought it was like having a movie starin town.

Ester Vanderhoof Esther Vanderhoof Perrault grave stone

East Prosser, WA. cemetery Blk. F, Lot 8, Gr. 6

Esther Vanderhoof Perrault obituary


Esther Vanderhoof Perrault obituary

My mother Lerona (Vanderhoof) Shaw went to visit her there when she was 18 years old in 1928.
Esther and Zotique's farm was on Perrault Road

Hickman Road was named after Esther's mother's maiden name, Hickman.

Hickman road

From people that knew of her.

"All I can tell you is that I never saw anything about Aunt Esther, that led me to think she was anything but full of life and verve. I never had any feeling of showing off, but confidence. I never saw anything mean spirited about her. She did live long and age can take it's toll. I heard her say, when she was young, she thought that her age was "old" but now that she had reached wasn't old at all. She still felt young, and she seemed that way to me. At the time, she said it to me, she was in our humble house, helping my mother wash the dishes. She said that she wanted to die out in the field tending to her horses. "

"My memories of her are fond ones."

"Aunt Esther had a lot of great-nieces and nephews. I know she visited nieces and nephews, but don't know of her visiting any of the "greats". I know that my dad loved her, and that meant that we all did, too. I remember her well. I remember riding in the "gold Cadillac" and I remember her wit. She was animated and friendly, but not focused on doling out any personal attention on anyone. That isn't unusual in my cousins and I,either. Nothing personal or individual is ever asked. It is seen as being nosy. She was particularly kind to my grandpa Warren, when Grandma Ethel died. She really stepped up and consoled him, better than anyone else did. I thought it was compassionate."

"She was very down to earth in many ways. She was funny and even, wise.
I'm certain that there was a lot of ego....I have noticed that Vanderhoof girls have that to a degree. I think for the poorer of us, there is always a feeling of being better than our circumstance...and then, sometimes, some of us got raised up to our 'rightful' status. I'm fairly certain there was that with Aunt Esther.
It wasn't like she was showing didn't seem to me, that way. But, she was generous, and she liked a good time. If she had it she would share it. Generous.
I remember the Cadillac. My brother and I called it her Gold Cadillac. She often wore a mink coat...still, somehow, it didn't seem like showing off.
If she had a cotton coat and an old model T....she would have been exactly the seemed to me, but if she could afford it and didn't wear it or buy it, to her, that would have been phony, as well.
She like company and she liked an audience.
Queenly, I do think some would see it that way. But, I doubt very much that Aunt Esther was, at any time in her life...any different.
I liked her very much. She didn't seem to dwell on negatives, but very, very realistic, if on the positive side.
For now, V.J.V.L."

"Steve did not actually know Zudie Perrault or Esther's second husband who he knew only as Doc Hansen. Doc was a betting man and Esther got to know him because of her horses. Steve said they weren't married too long before they divorced. I always heard that he was a crook and took advantage of Esther.

Another story we've heard several times is that Esther had a romantic rendezvous with Butch Cassidy when she was homesteading her claim near Stone, Idaho. She lived in a dugout there. The time period is about right but who knows!!!!
Connie Coombs."